Smile Concierge Club

Un - Selfie Light


This ring light is intended to give to a friend whose smile you want to light up brighter. Get it? You're not selfish, you're un-selfie? It has the same settings as the selfie light, but we like to reward you being un-selfie by lowering the cost. Yes, this is the same exact light as the selfie light, but being in the club is all about helping each other (sharing smiles...smiles are curves like the logo...the number 8 is the logo turned you see where we are going with this?)  So instead of us spending money on marketing and you spending more money on a light, why not help each other out? You pass on our message and we pass on the saving to you. So the un-selfie light is a discounted light to give us a referral of someone who you think would want their smile lighted up in more ways than one. #peoplehelpingpeople