Smile Concierge Club

Concierge Aligners

$8,888.88 $11,111.11

Completely custom clear aligners. Before fabricating these aligners, each patient is guided by a facial analysis and custom treatment planned. Then the aligners are custom designed to position the teeth in the most esthetic position, keeping both orthodontic ans restorative designs in mind. 

Then once the design is approved, state of the art 3D printers used to manufacture each stage. The 3D printers print in multiple planes, allowing for the most smooth surfaces. From these prints, we custom fabricate a vacuformed clear aligner that is completely hand-trimmed and polished for the most state of the art aligners on the market. That not to mention that we also hide our attachments. 

This is by far the most aesthetically pleasing aligner that gives the absolute best esthetic results.